Chapter events - Switzerland

Join us for a conversation on Social Innovation and Service Design with Ra Goel, founder of Neu Impact Innovation.

What will happen during this event?

  • ​​​Talk and interview about Social Innovation in Service Design with examples from Ra's practice.
  • ​​​Q&A from the community

​​About Ra Goel

​Ra Goel is an expert in Social Innovation and Service Design practitioner from London working in Switzerland, Germany and the United Kingdom.

​Through his practice, Ra has helped leading national and international NGOs, including Oxfam and WaterAid, UK Government departments, social housing organisations, and a range of commercial businesses and start-up ventures to develop and launch ideas that tackle some of society’s most urgent challenges. 

​​For who is this event?

​​​This free and remote event is open to people from all walks of life, levels and nationalities.