Chapter events - Switzerland

Join Vanessa Monstein for an exciting one-hour webinar where she will share invaluable insights on how organizations can benefit from an open innovation mindset, where ideas are shared and explored with community members.

What if you could harness the ideas of the crowd to improve your service and innovate?

Based on a 2022 research project in collaboration with Innolab Graubünden, FHGR, and the Institute for IFT Tourism and Leisure, Vanessa's talk, "Crowd Innovation for Better Services", will inspire you to explore the power of crowd innovation to create unparalleled service experiences. 

After the talk, get ready for a lively Q&A session where we'll delve deeper into how crowd innovation can benefit your organisation. 

Crowd innovation boosted by the needs of the crowd

Nowadays, many companies like Migros, BMW or United Nations Development Programme’s (UNDP) involve their customers in the innovation process using the ideas and intelligence from the crowd. 

Similarly, Graubünden Tourism invites destinations, partners, and service providers to submit tourist development ideas for the region on an innovation platform. In her work with the Graubünden Innolab, Vanessa explored how identifying the community's needs using a Double Diamond process can create more engagement from the community in local innovation.

Date and time

The webinar will take place remotely on Wednesday October 4, 2023 from 17:00-18:00 (Swiss Time). 

As for any Swiss event, please join 5 minutes before so that we can start in a timely way.

Who can join?

Participation is free, and all levels of Service Design practitioners are welcome. Even if you live outside of Switzerland, you're welcome to join this remote webinar.

About Vanessa Monstein

Vanessa is an Experience Consultant working at evux AG an Experience Design consultancy that uses Service Design to create smart interaction and clear design for all sorts of digital as well as physical touchpoints in organizations.