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Join us on Oct 21-22, 2021 in Taking a Stand to impact our organisations and our communities so that we may co-create a better tomorrow.

Since the success of the first virtual Service Design Global Conference in 2020, our team has been hard at work crafting a theme for this year to resonate with our community around the world remotely. 

Now, after a year of surviving the global pandemic and putting a greater focus on social justice, we know more than ever that the values we embrace and the choices we make define the world we experience. The decisions we make as designers and business leaders have real consequences on people and the planet—both designed and unintended. Whether improving existing services or fostering innovation, we need to be more intentional and aware of the ripple effects we create. 

So, this year at the Service Design Network Global Conference, we ask you to join us in Taking a Stand to impact our organisations and our communities so that we may co-create a better tomorrow. 

About the conference

The Service Design Network Global Conference promises two days of interactive learning, keynote presentations, and, of course, networking.

Our goal is to bring the best in our industry together to share service design knowledge and new cross-disciplinary methods. 

We’re still working on the agenda, so subscribe to the conference newsletter for updates.


The Service Design Network Global Conference

Service designers around the world mark their calendar for the Service Design Global Conference because of our commitment to bringing in our industry’s brightest minds to share their ideas, offering world-class workshops with takeaway learnings, and – of course – the opportunity to network.

This is the 14th year running the global conference, which usually takes place in a different international city and attracts more and more visitors with each passing year. Even though we are unable to meet in-person at a global scale, we’re so excited to open up a virtual space for our design community around the world.

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