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Affected by the Covid-19 epidemic, although China has ushered in a return to work, various industries are still facing different challenges, yet, where there are challenges, along comes with opportunities.

As SDN’s Shanghai Chapter, and also as one of the leading companies in China's Service Design industry, CBi China Bridge is breaking down regional barriers by building an online innovation academy to bring innovative Service Design Thinking to more people with systematic Service Design theories and tools to help companies and individuals achieve greater business and social value. We consider this online platform as a way to expand the influence of Service Design to the public, also a way for us to contribute to the SDN community.

CBi Innovation Academy --
CBi Innovation Academy —

We are currently holding a live broadcast event on the platform every Wednesday at 19:00 P.M. (Beijing Time), bringing Service Design wisdoms (trends, applications) by having one-on-one in-depth conversations with elites from different industries. Even if you missed the broadcast, you will still be able to watch the highlights replay.

The Service Design Online Training Camp is also available now on the platform. It provides systematic learning of Service Design theory + tools, online group co-creation, fishbowl coaching sessions, and one-on-one private coaching time are also arranged so that more people can get the opportunity to study Service Design with a more flexible schedule. It is also a fantastic place for people who are interested in getting involved with the SDN community to connect and learn from each other.

You can visit the CBi Innovation Academy by scanning this QR code.

CBi Innovation Academy QR code.