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Learn how Service Design can help you launch successful products that meet customer needs.

The question every start-up grapples with is ‘’If We Build It Will They (Customers) Come?‘’ A failed attempt made a start-up wary to invest in a new offering. Using Service Design, we helped them figure out what the market really wants to buy. We help them cut through expensive market research, test and validate the market opportunity, and release a far more mature solution well received by customers and set them on the growth path.

In this talk, learn how an Indian FinTech company:

  1. Moved from failure at the B2C market to 2.8 million loyal B2B customers in less than 3 years
  2. Built a B2B product that helps customers get a ROI within less than 4 months of implementation
  3. Validated the market opportunity, built a solution customers wanted, and secured $25 million funding from angel investors

This event will take place on Zoom.


About the speaker

Dr. Vidya Priya Rao (she/her) is the Founder of Innovatus Marketers Touchpoint, a strategy, design and innovation consultancy based in Mumbai, India. She helps companies harness their power of innovation by breaking out of their comfort zones and embracing the “what ifs.” Her challenge to start-ups, small and large organisations is to evaluate deeply their commitment to the consumer, to excel at digital today and thrive as digital tomorrow. She has had the pleasure to with a broad range of clients including Baystree, Blupay, fonePaisa, Jascap, Knight & Frank, Nestle, Tata Power SED, Tarnea and VuClip.

She has a Bachelor's in Electrical Engineering, an MBA, and a PhD in Business Design. She is also the chairperson of the Service Design Network (SDN) India chapter and a SDN Accredited Service Design Master.

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9:30-9:45 AM Introduction and Housekeeping

9:45-10:30 AM Dr. Vidya Priya Rao Presentation

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