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You have completed all the hard work of researching, co-creating, breaking down silos where you could, prioritizing, and making tradeoffs for a well designed service. Now what?

Do you trust the process to take your team's work through to the finish line embodying all of the nuance you planned for and had worked tirelessly to define across groups?

Bringing new services to market using an existing delivery organization often entails overcoming “this is how we do things today.” This case study presentation will highlight how function-specific service playbooks are being used to support and enable frontline, field delivery teams. Understand how playbooks are being used to complement journey map and blueprint artifacts, the relationship to continuous learning and change management activities, and some of the lessons learned from this work effort.

From this Session You Will Learn How To

+ Align expectations for better accountability

+ Define quality while enabling repeatability

+ Model continuous learning and improvement

+ Use a service playbook alongside other mapping tools

+ Integrate into change management activities

About the Speaker

Diane Seaver is a Senior Service Design and Experience Lead at Philips, working on service projects with a focus on business model innovation and go-to-market implementation. She has been the lead designer on several first of kind services that are now being scaled global. Prior to Philips, Dee held a similar position at the YMCA of USA, supporting development of service programs for the more than 2,700 locations across the country. Dee holds an MFA in Service Design from Savannah College of Art and Design, and a BFA in Industrial Design from Rochester Institute of Technology.

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Loose Agenda

** We Will Be Recording this session**

6:00 pm ~ 6:10 pm: Settling In, Housekeeping

6:10 pm ~ 6:30 pm: Dee's Personal Journey to Service Design at Philips

6:30pm ~ 6:45 pm: Question, Answer, & Open Discussion

6:45 pm ~7:15 pm: Developing Service Playbooks to Deliver with Quality

7:15 pm ~ 7:30 pm: Question, Answer, & Open Discussion

See you there :)

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