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Ever worked on a project and found yourself thinking "this is such a great idea, why can't they implement it?" — "they" referring to your client, your organisation or even your team? Service designers are working on increasingly complex problems, in increasingly complex environments. Agnes, with her decade of experience in bringing design into the Singapore Government, will share what designers need to understand about complex environments, 4 critical practices for navigating complexity, how design fits into those practices, and other tools that a service designer should have in our age of complexity.

In this 1-hour interactive/conversational lunch event (in EDT timezone), Agnes Kwek, the founder and CEO of MindTheSystem, will share with you her story and experience gained over 20 years of working in public services in the first half of the hour and leave the remaining half for Q&A/Discussion.

You're encouraged to read this article written by Agnes prior to the event if you want to get a sneak peak of her talk. Horsemen and Super-Powers: How to Maximise the Impact of Design in Government —

You may ask your questions during the event or drop your questions in our discussion board prior to the event as well.

About the Speaker — Agnes Kwek

Prior to starting MindTheSystem, Agnes was perhaps the first and only Design Ambassador in the world. In her 20 years of career in the Singapore public services, she worked across varied portfolios: defense, labour policy, community organisation and social welfare, public service innovation, land transport, and creative industry development. Thanks to her stint at IDEO in San Francisco in 2013, she is now a policy-wonk-turned-designer — in particular a systems designer focused on complex economic and social issues. She loves combining futures foresight, systems thinking and human-centred design.

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12:00 pm ~ 12:05 pm: Quick Housekeeping

12:05 pm ~ 12:35 pm: Agnes to speak

12:35pm ~ 1:00 pm: Q&A

See you there :)