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Let's discuss how employee journeys can be enhanced with 'social capital' - presented by a collection of experts from Academia (Switzerland, Spain) and practice (Microsoft, Swiss Railways, Whitespace)

Employee journeys are a giant leap in the good direction from traditional management and HR. However, their focus is on individuals, aka ‘human capital’ - and therein lies a weakness.

We challenge this traditional wisdom by proposing to also embrace ‘social capital', an individual's connections to others within the organization. Designing for and understanding the formal and informal relationships of employees may improve the adaptability, performance, and innovation of organisations.

Beyond the three main speakers, two guests will join us with a brief input on the topic. Marius Gerber (Head of Center for Human Capital, Zurich University of Applied Sciences) and Ralf Buechsenschuss (Modern Work - Employee Experience Lead, Microsoft)

We invite for Service Design in general, and employee journey design specifically, to propose solutions that include social layers into employee journeys, and we are asking all interested designers to join the effort!

The content of this event has been the subject of a recent article in Service Design Network's Touchpoint magazine. The event will feature an introduction to the topic of social capital in employee journeys by the article authors Clara Llamas (Academic Director at IE School of Architecture and Design), Daniel Boos (Product Owner at Swiss Railways) and Peter Horvath (Strategy & Service Design Lead at Whitespace).

Clara Llamas
Clara Llamas - Academic Director at IE School of Architecture and Design

Daniel Boos
Daniel Boos - Product Owner at Swiss Railways

Peter Horvath
Peter Horvath - Strategy & Service Design Lead at Whitespace