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Learn how to express strategy through the designs of services, with a pattern language and a framework for generating strategic narratives.

About this Event

Learn how designs bridge the gap between strategy and implementation, from the perspectives of finance and operations. Services are sets of promises. Strategy is about finding new and interesting sets that maximize value for customers and service providers.

Design keeps it real, and makes it happen. Design is about finding ways to implement strategies, that reward cooperation, reduce conflict, and reject compromise. With both sides being better off, and without collateral damage i.e. negative externalities on societies, infrastructures, and environments.

Day 1 focuses on constructing/deconstructing the strategy behind any service, using only three thinking tools: ing-thing, stereotyping, and windows of opportunity.

Day 2 introduces strategic narratives – stories articulating the designs of services in exactly 16 sentences, each a declarative statement guiding implementation.

Two days of grueling fun with challenging exercises and discussions on the strategic designs of services such as satellite imagery, “ride sharing”, and airport ground services.

Digitalist, the CX innovation agency, is hosting the workshop at their San Francisco studio at 128 Spear St. The instructor will be Majid Iqbal, a special advisor at the Dutch Ministry of Defense and author of the book Thinking in Services (2018). Majid has taught professionals in industry and government, at all levels. He is visiting faculty at the IE School of Human Sciences & Technology (Madrid). He has previously taught in graduate programs at Carnegie Mellon University (Pittsburgh).

Apart from a new set of skills, participants get a copy of the book. There aren't any prerequisites, just factors of success, such as curiosity, imagination, and beginner's mindset. To be able to think clearly with the "ability to hold two opposed ideas in the mind at the same time, and still retain the ability to function (F. Scott Fitzgerald).”

Lunch and refreshments will be provided.