Chapter events - Brazil

A chat about experiences and challenges of Brazilian service designers that live and work abroad.

Carol Massá
Carol Massá - Harmonic Design

Carol Massá started her career in visual design and worked with web design, branding and advertising. He currently specializes in strategic design and works as a service designer at Harmonic Design, a design studio in Atlanta, USA. Before joining Harmonic, Carol worked for a number of years as a consultant in telecommunications, finance, insurance and retail companies. His areas of interest are in the junction of art and science where he constantly seeks inspiration for his works. She believes that service design plays an important role in connecting people, policies, processes and platforms in order to develop experiences that support the needs of the people who perform and actively participate in the service.

Carol Menezes
Carol Menezes - Boar of Innovation

Based on an academic background in user-centered design, and studies in behavioral science, digital transformation, graphic facilitation, project management and trend research; Carolina is passionate about designing innovative businesses, products and services. His experience consists of a portfolio that contains several Fortune 500 companies - such as Coca-Cola, GE, Johnson & Johnson, Nestlé, among others - and projects ranging from prototyping new business models to designing strategies for launching products and services in the market.

Duda Rodrigues
Duda Rodrigues - Fjord

Interaction and service designer specializing in digital products and services. Currently at Fjord Toronto, passing through the studios in Copenhagen, Bangkok and São Paulo, he combines behavioral economics and trend analysis to identify opportunities for new services and products in various industries.

Luisa Pessoa
Luisa Pessoa - Innovation Makers

Luísa Pessoa has worked as a Designer for 10 years for different sectors, from equipment to digital experiences. She is passionate about finding solutions that positively impact the lives of people, businesses and the environment. Graduated in Industrial Design and Post-graduated in Industries and Creative Cultures at the University of Lisbon, she works as UX and Service Designer at Innovation Makers and is an SDN Portugal member.