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The Service Design Network’s Next Gen Conference was held online on the 12th of April. Missed a talk? Wanna asynchronously attend that other workshop? You can catch up on the entire 24 hour schedule, because recordings of all sessions are available for replay!

Service Design Network Next Gen Conference 2024

To attendees who joined and made the SDN Next Gen Conference 2024 an incredible experience – THANK YOU!

We are still buzzing with the energy, inspiration, and the connections forged. Your passion for service design was infectious. This is more than just an event, it's a community. Until next time we meet!

Missed a talk? Wanna asynchronously attend that other workshop? You can catch up on the entire 24 hour schedule, because recordings of all sessions are available for replay! Find these under the ▶️ Replay tab on our virtual conference platform. If you missed the conference, Replay access tickets are now available to purchase! Get em from our ticketing platform.


The Service Design Network’s Next Gen Conference was held online on the 12th of April. The event provided a full global day of interactive workshops, keynote presentations, satellite sessions and panels, a design challenge, portfolio reviews, and networking.

Learn more about the event on our event website here.

The theme: Infinite Threads 

The theme of the 3rd annual SDN Next Gen Conference is “Infinite Threads: Interdisciplinary Collaboration to Unlock the Power of Service Design.” 

This year, SDN Next Gen Conference aims to weave a more inclusive, global tapestry of Service Design. In our increasingly globalised society, design solutions require shared and inclusive approaches to reflect diverse needs and perspectives. Conference attendees will gain invaluable insights, connections and experiences that will enable them to craft human-centred, socially-conscious, and impactful design innovations that our world needs more than ever. The conference will transcend individual titles and explore the interdisciplinary skills, knowledge, and networks that thread the various efforts to address complex global and local challenges. 

At SDN Next Gen Conference 2024, attendees will be part of a movement of students, young and senior professionals and career shifters unlocking the power of service design through interdisciplinary learning and collaboration! 

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