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We are happy to announce that the 2nd Online Service Design Marathon will take place in April - May 2021!

Discover the best service design cases from around the globe!

In 2020 Ukrainian chapter of Service Design Network successfully conducted its first Online Service Design Marathon. Over 950 participants from Ukraine and 64 other countries registered to got acquainted with award-winning cases from various industries! 

We are happy to announce that the 2nd Online Service Design Marathon will take place in April - May 2021!

Ten talented speakers from Africa, America, Asia, Australia, and Europe will present their cases from different industries:from retail and finance to education and engineering.

Every presentation is a real case: from the context and challenges to insights and outcomes.

Please follow the event to be updated.

Few of the topics are going to be covered this year:

20.04 - Clara Llamas, UK. "The good drone"

What application the agency found for drones in the cities and how they organized a prize competition around them.

22.04 - Valeria Ossio, Germany. "How might we design an intuitive electronic machine and the experience of an engineer?"

How engineering company designed better service for their customers.

26.04 - Dr. Vidya Priya Rao, India. "How an unsuccessful B2C fintech product became a successful B2B startup"

"Learn how an Indian fintech company moved from failure at the B2C market to 2.8 million loyal B2B customers in less than three years"

29.04 - Molly Fuller, USA. "Service Design as a Startup Foundation"

How palliative care for patients was designed

03.05 - Anna Haverinen, Finland. "What is the biggest challenge for students in 2020? Co-creation with users in the age of the pandemic"

What kind of service modern students need, and how they designed it for themselves

5 more events coming soon...

"In theory, theory and practice are the same. In practice, they are not" (Albert Einstein)

Service Design Marathon is not for profit event. This year we will charge participants a small fee equal to the price of two cups of coffee to cover the event's promotion.

We have made options for tickets so that you can choose the most convenient for yourself)

All this tickets gives you the opportunity to listen to and visit all cases.

Also, if you have absolutely no financial opportunity, but you really want to get to the event, write to and the organizers will send you a ticket.

The Good Drone

The Good Drone

How can we use drones in urban airspace? Deliver medicines, emergency first response, and infrastructure surveillance? How do you capture the needs of all the stakeholders in this ecosystem? In this case study, you will hear the stakeholder engagement and design interventions we crafted to collect the right insights, as well as how we structured them to be actionable for the prize designers to use in the design of their challenge.

6 May, 17:00 CETClara Llamas