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Successfully implementing service design projects is crucial to create a real impact. This workshop will introduce you to the fundamentals of service design implementation and organizational change. We will discuss strategies to ensure that user experience concepts are not getting blocked internally and ultimately removed from the priority list. You will also start to think about implementation at the right time and have in place everything that you will need along the way. You will learn what are key prerequisites, conditions and skills needed.

Service Design Management - setting the stage for Implementation

Learn how to tackle service design implementation in this SDN Academy Masterclass.

What are the takeaways from this training?

  • how to create the right conditions within your company

  • what success factors are key prerequisites that you need

  • skills, roles and responsibilities that are essential

  • underlying systemic principles

  • useful organizational change models

  • how to deal with resistance and cognitive biases

Who is this course for?

Senior Service designer or experienced Service Designer, Innovation or UX managers, Agile coaches, Product Owner

Day 1
  • Service Design Implementation Theory

  • Organizational Change Theory

  • Service Design Goals & Barriers

  • Key Prerequisites & Success factors

  • Individual Reflection

Day 2
  • Service Design Safe space

  • Organizational Diagnosis

  • Employee Resistance

  • Measuring Service Design

  • Systemic Service Design Principles

  • Readiness Check (KUER Model)

Tina Weisser
Tina Weisser - Accredited Master Trainer

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