Chapter events - Ukraine

Welcome to the first Service Design Lviv 2020 Conference!

Take a chance to dive into a day full of knowledge sharing, breakout sessions, workshop and best practice insights designed to take your practice to the next level!

This event might be of interest to: 

  • Designers 
  • Scrum Masters
  • Product Owners
  • Product/Project Managers
  • Business Owners
  • Startup Owners
  • Business Analysts
  • Anybody who is interested in Service Design


Workshop by Andrey Milinevskiy 

Topic: "How to study clients in the Jobs to be Done framework. What comes prior to this and what follows in Service Design: from Reframing to Insight Formulation" 

We often have to make quick decisions about the product, service and interface. 

What tools do you have to use to understand the user and the market and make the product successful? 

Are you able to do it all by yourself? 

At least - almost on your own. 

The workshop of Andrey Milinevskiy gives answers to how to prepare for the study, how to conduct it and how to formulate insights; how to do it all in a single Jobs-to-be-Done framework. Express Workshop about Express Service Design. Come energized!


1. Oleg Koss is one of the leading experts in client experience and Service Design in Ukraine, the founding partner of CXdesign. 

Topic: “What are the first steps in Service Design” 

What is Service Design? 

How to explain its benefits to the client or colleagues? 

What can be the first project: idea, task, participants, partners? 

2. Andrey Milinevskiy - Service Designer, Customer Experience Management consultant, CXdesign founding partner, Design Thinking Mentor at LvBS Center for Entrepreneurship, ex Chief Digital Transformation Officer at Kyivstar. 

Topic: “Service Design in the product strategy of the retail bank” There is politics, and there is realpolitik. How does Real_Service_Design look like in a large organization. Conservative. Under regulation. In the 3rd year of implementation. What didn't work? What worked? How? Especially about: the actual launch of real products, the alignment of understanding the customer in a large cross-functional team, how to work when everyone says they do Service Design; about the advantages of an iterative approach in design. 

3. Katerina Zayko - Head of Design Office at Symphony Solutions, UX Master Certified by Nielsen Norman Group, SAFe Certified and Service Design Academy Certified. 

Topic: “Why UX/UI Designers have to practice in Service Design?” There are no completely digital services. There are only digital parts of the service. And those digital parts are place for action of UX/UI designers. But why should UX/UI designers take care about the design of the whole service, not just the areas of their direct responsibility? Katia will also talk about the challenges that can be solved by Service Design when creating a digital product. 

4. Andriy Romanukha - Agile Coach, Scrum Master at Symphony Solutions, Certified SAFe Scrum Master and SAFe 4 Agilist. 

Topic: “Agile Service Design” Agile and Design friends or foes? 

How to blend three different mindsets which share similar values and philosophy – Lean, Agile and Service Design. What is natural step-by-step implementation of these techniques into design and development of viable solution for real-life business case 

At the conference you will also hear about world cases presented at this year's Service Design Global Conference in Toronto: 

  • Design of legal documents "from the client", not "against the client" 
  • Application of behavioral science in Service Design 
  • Design for imperfect systems or under system constraints
  • Service Design for startups
  • 2019 Service Design trends

When: 22 February (Saturday) 

Where: Symphony Solutions office, 2B Naukova Street, Lviv 

Language: Ukrainian 


Conference only: 400 UAH - Early Birds till 1.02

500 UAH Regular Price 

Conference + Workshop: 600 UAH - Early Birds till 1.02 

700 UAH - Regular Price