Chapter events - Turkey

Join us on June 19, for a delightful networking event in Kadıköy, İstanbul! :) Let's meet and chat about service design over a few drinks and celebrate a late International Service Design Day (June 1st)* right after you come back from your Bayram holidays! P.S. Drinks will be available to purchase from the bar throughout the event. *What is Service Design Day? Service Design Day was launched in 2016 and is a day dedicated to service design enthusiasts - a world-wide event to bring together people from different backgrounds and disciplines. Together, we will celebrate service design, raise awareness and create impact in the world around us. Naturally, Service Design Day should reflect the discipline’s spirit and energy which is why we chose June 1, the beginning of the most youthful month!* Join the buzz and do good - give back! *June originates from the Latin word, young