Service Design Day - Germany

This last year has been both challenging for many, and a turning point for under-respected communities’ liberation. As designers in a post-pandemic world, we play a critical role in influencing both local and global change through our craft. So, where do we begin?

It is important to acknowledge that we will all approach our own personal journeys of rigorous self-awareness, proactive education, growth through active practice, and building our confidence in standing up for what is right differently. We encourage you to use this session as yet another, or maybe the first means to develop your perspective on diversity, equity, and inclusion.

This service design-inspired workshop aims to empower design-minded individuals with definitions, scenarios, interactive activities, open discussion, and reflection to think through how they can each take personal accountability in creating products and services for trans and gender non-conforming customers.

Date: June 1, 2021

Time: 15:00 - 16:30 CEST

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Session Objectives:

  • Basic understanding of common terms as well as best practices when it comes to designing for trans and gender non-conforming folks.
  • Development of shared language and collective terminology through discussion.
  • Empathy building through interactive activities that engage with real-life human experiences, scenarios, and interactions.
  • Tangible means to begin to practice inclusion, establishment of an accountability buddy.
  • Awareness of the SDN DEI Task Force, soon to be Advisory Board, how it works with the organization and their upcoming initiatives.

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Max Masure (they/them)
Max Masure (they/them) - Ethical UX Researcher | DEI Consultant | Author | Public Speaker

Max is an Ethical UX Researcher, Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Consultant, Author, and Public Speaker. They believe in equity, human-centered design, nature-centered design, community-led initiatives, and the liberation of under-respected communities. They regularly speak on trans inclusion, inner power, ethics, and transformative culture. They recently supported the United Nations in their efforts to improve engagement on their Sustainable Development Goals, trained a global hotel company to better serve their transgender and gender non-conforming customers, and they are currently advising the Service Design Network Organization as a founding member of their Diversity, Education, and Inclusion Taskforce.

Natalie Kuhn (she/her)
Natalie Kuhn (she/her) - SDN Accredited Service Design Master // Researcher // Trainer & Coach

Natalie is a Senior Manager of Service Design who leads the Capital One Enterprise Risk Services design team. Natalie regularly teaches design education courses as well as coaches teams through research, synthesis, strategy, creative concepting, prototyping and product testing. Before Capital One, Natalie worked as a Service Design consultant at FJORD and has spent her career as a designer working with startups, agencies, and service providers to strategically improve their offerings. Natalie is also a Service Design Network (SDN) accredited Service Design Master, a founding member (with Max) of the SDN Diversity, Education, and Inclusion Taskforce, and co-founder of the SDN New York Chapter–they host monthly events open to anyone