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6月1日はサービスデザインの日 今年は、お久しぶりのオフライン開催を予定しています!










6/1(水) 19:00~21:00 (18:30開場)




18:30 開場

19:00 オープニング・乾杯

19:10 キーノート「バウンダリーオブジェクトとしてのサービスデザイン」長谷川敦士(SDN日本支部共同代表/コンセント/武蔵野美術大学)

19:50 自由に懇親タイム

20:20 “Courage to Design for Good(より良い社会をデザインする勇気)“シェア

20:50 クロージング

21:00 閉場


※19:10からの「 “Courage to Design for Good(より良い社会をデザインする勇気)”シェア」の時間について。今年のサービスデザイングローバルカンファレンスのテーマは、 “Courage to Design for Good(より良い社会をデザインする勇気)”です。








ぜひハッシュタグ #SDDay22 #ServiceDesignDay をつけてSNSで教えてください!

June 1 is Service Design Day!

This year, we are planning to hold the event offline for the first time in a while.

This is a casual social gathering for service designers.

If you would like to exchange information beyond your organization or seek opportunities for discussion, please feel free to join us.

The keynote talk by Atsushi Hasegawa ( Concent, Inc. / Musashino Art University), a board member of Service Design Japan Chapter, will also be held on the day. The theme is "Service Design as a Boundary Object.

The event is of course free of charge!

Beverages and refreshments will be served.

Whether you are familiar with SDNJ events or new to them, let's celebrate Service Design Day together!

■Date and Time

June 1 (Wed) 19:00~21:00 (doors open at 18:30)


Workspace amu

■Time Schedule

18:30 Doors open

19:00 Opening

19:10 Keynote "Service Design as a Boundary Object" Atsushi Hasegawa (SDN Japan Chapter Co-Chair /  Concent, Inc./ Musashino Art University)

19:50 Free time for socializing

20:20 "Courage to Design for Good" sharing

20:50 Closing

21:00 Door close

Please note that the schedule is subject to change. Please understand in advance.

About the "Courage to Design for Good" share from 19:10. The theme of this year's Service Design Global Conference is "Courage to Design for Good.

In order to discuss the theme, we will have a time for participants to find a case study from their surroundings and share it one by one. There is no need to prepare any materials in advance.

■How to reserve

Click the "RSVP" button on the Facebook event page

As this is an offline event, the number of participants is limited. Reservations will be taken on a first-come, first-served basis!

To ensure that as many people as possible can attend, please refrain from canceling your reservation immediately before the event.

Thank you for your cooperation.

Please feel free to share your enthusiasm, expectations, etc. with us by using the hashtag #SDDay.

Please let us know on social networking sites with the hashtag #SDDay22 #ServiceDesignDay!