Chapter events - Ukraine

Lets celebrate Service Design Day: The Virtual "Do Good - Give Back"!

As the world continues to grapple with the effects that the COVID-19 virus has unleashed worldwide upon global communities, economies and social networks, the need to rethink how we operate as a society has never been greater.


Format: Workshop

We have decided to combine our knowledge and experience about Lean, Agile and Service Design into this webinar in order to prove that all three mindsets add up logically to each other and benefits of their joint usage can be phenomenal.

Our goal is to empower people in making things simpler and better, in developing abstract thinking and helicopter view. Our vision is in our day-to-day actions and attitude to life.

We are passionate about Service Design and share the SDN mission "Service Design will become a new normal". Also, we are dedicated Agile evangelists but with common sense in head not turning it unto cargo cult Agile rather making best use of it where appropriate. Finally, Lean thinking is the foundation of our everyday routine where we try to deliver the value to our clients in shortest terms but with sensible investments.

What will you get?

After our workshop attendees will understand how to efficiently work using Lean-Agile and Service Design, and how to use these philosophies in order to generate, develop and deliver products and services.

Encounter with Lean thinking will teach the power of relentless improvement and learning together with eliminating waste in all aspects of product design and development.

After all, one of the key learnings might become business agility as a new trend in world economics referring to ability to adapt and respond rapidly to changing demands of the market, focused on innovation, quick time-to-market and symbiotic collaboration of various functions of the business.

Finally, everyone may well become a faithful Service Design believer that will spread Lean-Agile Principles and Values within their Teams and Organizations.

Who is this workshop for?

- Everybody who is interested in Agile and wants to be the agent of changes when incorporating agile iterative approaches toward design and development

- Everybody who wants to learn about Service Design and it’s practical application

- Designers who want to use Lean and Agile approaches in their everyday work

When: 1 June, 6 pm EEST


Language: English