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SDN Global Café is back! Join us on March 14, 2024!

Dear SDN Members,

You are all invited to join our next SDN Global Café event on March 14, 2024!

A virtual series aims to connect our beloved SDN members, provide more networking opportunities, and tackle relevant Service Design topics.

In this upcoming session, we will welcome Shelley Evenson, Service Design Practice Lead at Accenture Song. 


Theme: Designing with what’s next: Exploring the Revolutionary Impact of Generative AI on Service Design


Advancements in generative artificial intelligence (AI) technologies, will revolutionize the way we design and experience services in the future. In this Global Café, Shelley Evenson will explore the impact of generative AI on service design, highlighting the opportunities and challenges it presents in designing amazing services that are ethical, inclusive, and human-centered. Shelley will discuss how generative AI can assist service designers in identifying user needs, generating innovative ideas, and creating services where people walk away saying “wow that service has been designed for me personally.”

Generative AI also presents significant challenges and ethical considerations that service designers need to address. Shelley will discuss the potential biases and limitations of generative AI algorithms, as well as the privacy and security issues that arise when using user data and roles service designers can take on to help shape generative AI. Shelley will present case studies and examples of how generative AI has been used to shape new tools and processes in various service design projects, from healthcare to retail.


The three most important takeaways in designing with what’s next:

  1. Generative AI offers significant opportunities for service designers to identify user needs, generate innovative ideas, and create personalized experiences. We need to recognize it’s potential to be human amplifying—partnering with service designers to improve the quality of our work.
  2. Service designers need to be aware of the potential benefits and limitations of generative AI. They need to be mindful of the ethical considerations and potential biases of generative AI algorithms. They need to ensure that these technologies do not reinforce or amplify existing social and cultural biases. We need to design for unintended consequences.
  3. Service designers need to understand the privacy and security implications of using generative AI technologies and ensure that they comply with data protection regulations and best practices. We need to strive for explainability in service design.


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Shelley Evenson


Birgit Mager, President, SDN
Brian Gillespie, Leadership Team, SDN

Date and Time:

Thursday, March 14
04:00-05:00 PM CET (03:00 PM GMT/11:00 AM EDT)


  • 04:00-04:10 Welcome and SDN Update
  • 04:10-04:30 Guest Presentation
  • 04:30-04:40 Member Q and A
  • 04:40-04:55 Member Networking
  • 04:55-05:00 What’s Next?
Shelley Evenson
Shelley Evenson - Service Design Practice Lead, Accenture Song

As a lifelong innovator and design leader, Shelley moves seamlessly from driving individual product or service design and development, to envisioning integrated product ecosystems for seamless services and exceptional customer or employee experiences. She leads teams that create human-centered breakthroughs incorporating the latest technology and is known to inspire organizations with the passion to bring their visions to reality. In her current role she is the Service Design Practice Lead and focuses on connecting human insights with data and AI as the bridge between Design and Intelligence in Accenture Song. Shelley is an internationally recognized authority on service design and systems innovation in design, health care, financial services, and education. She serves as a catalyst for seamless collaboration across diverse business, design, and technology communities with consulting, academic, and large company experience. Shelley is a frequently invited speaker on the effective integration of business, design, and technology anticipating future trends in all three areas. Shelley was on the faculty of Carnegie Mellon University and a co-founder of the Service Design Network.