Chapter events - Saudi Arabia

The Global Service Jam is an event aimed to inspire innovation. 48 hours filled with the best minds creating solutions to design exceptional services and elevate experiences.

Six years ago Mahmoud Abdelrahman followed his vision and made the Riyadh Global Service Jam happen. 2019 it was the largest held Global Service Jam to date. The non-profit volunteering activity is organised by an informal network of service design and innovation professionals. For 3 years HUED has hosted the largest service Jam worldwide. 

The numbers speak for themselves - 48 hours, 21 partners, 8 themes, 80 experts and mentors, 500 innovators and 60 projects. Some of these projects include the Saudi Arabian Ministry of Health, Monsha'at, the Saudi Arabian e-Government Program, STC, and the King Abdullah Financial District. 

The Jam aimed to bring a diverse community of people together to find creative solutions for service design and user experiences - a goal they successfully achieved. 

The JAM created exceptional opportunitIES for partners to position themselves as leading innovative players within the field. Partners were able to connect with leading government and corporate innovation leaders and business opportunities. The room was filled with the best mind and talents, and this fostered the ideal environment to network. The latest design thinking methodology was a major discussion, and attendees were given a competitive edge.


Just look at the Twitter #RiyadhSJ to see the overwhelming reaction to the Global Service Jam.