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Service Design can be an important way to highlight the impact that our organizations and the experiences we create make in the world. This is true in the nonprofit sector, although often the term service design does not always mean the same thing across the sector or mean the same as how we have come to use it in product development. Its outcomes however can bring extraordinary impact for the organization itself, but also the clients and community that nonprofit serves.

In this talk, Jenny Kempson, Social Impact Program Lead at Capital One, will walk through the unique challenges, practices, and roles that service design plays in the nonprofit sector amongst a variety of disciplines; such as public health, city development, small business entrepreneurship, and economic inclusion for older adults. We will hear about the similarities and differences in the role of a service designer inside a nonprofit organization, a social impact agency, and in a corporate social responsibility program. Along with the common the tools, languages barriers, and impact metrics that are important to each.

About Our Speaker –

Jenny works at the intersection of social impact and business value. I build programs, experiences, and strategies that connect nonprofit leaders with corporate products, technology, and talent to drive impactful solutions.

My background spans all phases of program development; from building partnerships, project scoping and connecting to business strategy, brand development, overseeing team implementation and impact measurement, in collaboration with non-profit, civic, community, and private sectors.

I'm based in New York, was born & raised in the rural midwest, and am happy to have called San Francisco, Chicago, Seattle, and Copenhagen "home".

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