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In this SDN Academy course by Koos Service Design, Jules Prick and Boris Jockin will dive into the topic of morphological tension models and the theory behind it.

Date(s) and Time(s): 
Aug 26, 2021
13:00 - 17:00 CEST 
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SDN Academy Online
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This course covers the value of need-based profiles, giving some real-life examples and cases. You will be introduced to Koos’ signature tool: morphological tensions. They will explain the psychological model behind it and how you can design your very own. Building on the model, you will be given examples and arguments for business application of needs-based profiles with supporting tips and tricks to implement them in your business. From there you will learn how you can quantify your need-based profiles. Koos have often experienced that this is a key differentiator for decision makers and gives the need-based profiles a lot more weight.


About the model: 
Developed in the 1960s by German Professor Wilhelm Salber, morphological psychology identifies six types of motivations. It is within these six motivations that we humans literally “make up our mind”, and each of these motivations influences the whole. It provides a consistent philosophy which explains our strategic decision-making. In-depth, contextual interviews combined with generative techniques allow us to uncover what is at work deep down in customers’ minds. Their needs are plotted on the general tension model, leading to specific tensions and need segments. These need segments can be elaborated into need-based personas.

You will learn: 
​1. How to create a tension model from user insights
2. The tension model is the ideal way to shape your need-based profiles
3. How you are able to quantify need-based profiles for better decision making


1. The value of need-based profiles
2. Theory of morphological tensions
3. Business value and application
4. How to quantify your tension model
5. Q&A


Who is this course for? 

Service designers

Boris Jockin
Boris Jockin - SDN invited Trainer

Senior Service Designer Koos, Business development

Jules Prick
Jules Prick - SDN invited Trainer

Founding partner @ Koos Koos, Business development