Other Events - Netherlands

With this network we aim to further spread, develop and apply the Legal Design Thinking mindset and (solve) justice problems, share knowledge, experiences and showcase our work.

Legal Design Thinking is an upcoming new discipline worldwide with the goal of improving access to justice in a human centered way. With this network we aim to further spread, develop and apply this mindset and (solve) justice problems, share knowledge and experience in Legal Design Thinking projects and showcase our work.

Everyone with an interest in solving justice problems and/or a background in legal, tech, design or the public sector is invited to join the conversation. Justice problems need new input from different viewpoints and disciplines outside of the legal field, to be able to create impactful innovative solutions.

Join us at 24th of April, The Hague, when we organise the kickoff session of this network, get introduced with this interesting new way of thinking in the legal field and help shape our networkactivities in Legal Design Thinking.

18:30 - 19:00 Walkin
19:00 - 19:15 Introduction
19:15 - 19:30 Litigation design - Maurits Fornier
19:30 - 19:45 Boink project - Lieke Beelen
19:45 - 20:00 Legal Design in Legal Research - Nóra Al Haider
20:00 - 20:30 Design next steps of network
20:30 - Drinks & networking