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Access world class expertise and strategies to design intellectually compelling, emotionally profound and visually inspiring spatial experiences for fashion retail design.

Interior Design: Retail Futures

Interior Design: Retail Futures

Commercial interior design is fast moving and intrinsically linked to the leading edge of popular culture – fashion, music and the visual arts. High-street interior design reflects and responds to cultural change and must evolve rapidly to meet current trends and desires. On this course, you will explore strategies for innovation through:

  • showcasing radical display design tactics used by leading retail brands
  • exploring how blending technologies with tactile finishes can increase immersive engagement
    exploring how innovations from across architecture and interior design disciplines can be incorporated into retail design
  • considering immersive strategies from other architectural environments – from museums to smart-homes – and how these can be used to enhance and expand the possibilities of retail.

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Programme team

Programme team

The course will be delivered by staff from the School of Architecture across the MA Architecture, MA Interior Design and PhD Programmes.

Steve Jensen is the first-year lead tutor in the Interior Design programme at the RCA. He is a designer, artist and academic who has operated between the boundaries of art and architecture for nearly twenty-five years. A balance of professional practice and education has created a unique body of work that has enabled him to formulate a strong design identity and educational aptitude.

Dr Tania Lopez Winkler is a visiting tutor on the Interior Design programme at the RCA and an award-winner artist and designer. Tania brings her wide range of art and design practice to contribute with a creative teaching of the Interior Design field.

Personal and organisational benefits

Personal and organisational benefits

Benefits to you and your organisation include:

  • insight into global best practice in retail design
  • experience in critical, creative and insightful thinking
  • return to your practice with a greater ability to innovate and connect to retail design trends

What will I learn?

In particular, you will learn:

  • how to research and question current retail practice that might lead to testing, rethinking and reworking the retail experience in an intensive design project
  • creative and conceptual thinking relating to popular culture
    to translate ideas into practical spatial designs
  • how to plan and think about customer experience
 and engagement
    the principles of designing experientially compelling concessions, 
considering point of sales
, display storage, window display and lighting
  • how to engage your customers by using advanced retail design communication in spatial environments.

How will I learn?

You will participate in:

  • action-based practical tasks
  • collaborative, iterative teamwork
  • extended lectures
  • workshops
  • site visits
  • opportunities to network with visiting retail designers and peers on the programme

Who should attend?
This course is highly suited to design creatives across the disciplines interested in producing innovative and immersive retail design experiences that are informed by future trends.

These may include:

  • interior designers, architects and other spatial designers
  • retail designers
  • retail industry professionals
  • window-display specialists
  • stylists
  • merchandise designers
  • exhibition designers
  • commercial design practitioners
  • fashion industry professionals and fashion retail enthusiasts
  • XD/user-experience designers.

Course duration: 3 days
Location: RCA Kensington
Fee: £1000

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