Chapter events - United States

Design is the art and craft of evaluating problems and making decisions leading to their resolution.

Whether you need to cultivate your creative practice to market yourself as a designer, or you are helping clients to adopt design processes and develop design teams, creativity and design methods always need the right environment and decision making criteria to ensure a thriving future of work.

This is a generative event hosted by Studio Wé, workplace design and strategy studio ( The studio co-founders Antonio Iadarola and Antonio Starnino will introduce the concept of design governance, based on their project experiences of activating design-driven work environments in several industries and at different scales. The session includes a group exercise of self-reflection to be used individually or with clients to articulate all the assumptions, values, and team or organizational behaviors in place that affect design expertise in delivering their full potential.

Loose itinerary —

** We Will Be Recording**

6:00 ~ 6:10 pm Intro: Designing and Managing a Design Practice

6:30 ~ 6:50 pm Activity: Define Design Governance Collectively

6:50 ~ 7:15 pm Open Discussion: Questions for Self or Client-Assessment

7:15 ~ 7:30 pm Q&A: Final Reflections

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