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The Show Must Go On… 

In the true spirit of design thinking, we are learning on our feet, pivoting our ideas to bring you Design Thinking Ireland 2020 – The Virtual Experience!  We wouldn’t want you to miss our 7th annual event!

Companies across all sectors are challenged. And with challenges come opportunities. The challenges presented are bringing together a complex blend of product design, experience design, service design and business model problems that are looking for creative solutions.

Our present world means many companies are being forced to rapidly respond to changing customer environments, accelerating product and service lines, and flexing operations to meet current and future demands. Innovation and R&D has a key role to play, and design thinking is a powerful approach to leverage.

This unique event in Ireland’s calendar is now even more accessible than ever before. Be part of it!

SDN Members can benefit from 50% discount on their ticket - find the discount code in your dashboard (My SDN).