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Together with the agency denkwerk, the SDN is hosting two tracks for this year's Global Service Jam. Get ready to jam.

Dear Jammers,
we would like to thank you all for your interest in joining the Cologne Service Jam. We have been working a lot in the past few weeks to provide you with a great weekend, and were looking forward to meeting all of you on the 20.03. Unfortunately we are located in one of the areas affected by COVID-19, and it is our responsibility to care for the well-being of all of our jammers.
After communicating with the Global Service Jam Team, we have decided to postpone the Cologne Service Jam. We are all very sad about it, but hope you will understand our decision. Needless to say, you will all get a full refund for your tickets, we are working with Eventbrite to ensure it happens as fast as possible.
At the moment, we are collaborating with all affected Jams to find an alternative date for our 2020 Service Jams. They will probably take place by the end of August, so please stay tuned if you want to join us in summer. Otherwise, you can check the list of non-canceled Jams at the Global Jam website.
Thank you for your comprehension, and feel free to contact us if you have any question.
All the best,
Cologne Service Jam Team
(a.k.a: Alessandra, Kokaew, Molly, Samuel and Nils)
Original content below:

It’s that time again! SDN is partnering with the Global Jams.


Join Jammers in more than 100 cities around the world to work simultaneously for only 48 hours (or less!) and prototype services inspired by a secret global theme.

So let's jam already - and let’s shake it up this year. We welcome all service design enthusiasts for three days of fun, a hands-on learing experience and even more fun. This year we are having double fun, Cologne Service Jam will have two tracks running parallel:

The SDN is hosting the Original Service Jam track at its event space LOFT33 (Josephstraße 33, Cologne - Südstadt) with inspiring speakers from Deloitte Digital, Deutsche Telekom and the Institute of the German Economy.

And denkwerk is hosting a deep jam track for an even deeper dive into specific methodologies.


Participate in the original jam track at SDN. Explore the world of service design. Working together, learn the service design essentials, playfully go through a big set of innovation methods, and have lots of fun!

At denkwerk, we'll take on the challenge and participate in the deep jam track. We’re excited to share and try out new tools to better frame and present your research as collaborative storytelling. It is ‘Go deep or go home’!

Bring your enthusiasm, experience, even in-field horror stories, and we’ll take it from there! Team up, work on, learn from each other and have a good time! Beverage, materials and Pizza for Sunday are included in the ticket price.

You want to know what it's like to participate in the jam? Find out here!


Jam Agenda / Original Jam Track (at SDN)

Friday (20.03.)

18:30 - Welcome / Introduction to the Jam

19:00 - Inspiring Talk: The Double Diamond & Behavioural Economics

19:45 - Jam Time

21:00 - Doors close

Saturday (21.03.)

09:00 - Doors open

09:15 - Talk and Mini-Workshop: User Research / Human Needs

14:00 - Inspiring Talk: Prototyping & Testing

14:30 - Jam Time

19:00 - Drinks & Get-Together with Deep Track Jammers in the city (optional)

Sunday (22.03.)

10:00 - Doors open

10:15 - Jam Time

14:00 - Presentation (with Pizza!)

15:30 - Doors close


Jam Agenda / Deep Jam Track (at denkwerk)

Friday (20.03.)

18:30 - Doors open

19:00 - Introduction to the Jam

19:30 - Deep Jam work

21:00 - Doors close

Saturday (21.03.)

09:00 - Doors open

09:15 - Inspiring talk

10:00 - Deep Jam work

19:00 - Doors close

Sunday (22.03.)

09:00 - Doors open

14:00 - Presentation (with Pizza!)

14:30 - Feedback Round


Anna-Carina Tschörner
Anna-Carina Tschörner - Design Thinking Expert

The Double Diamond & Behavioral Economics

Guido Beier
Guido Beier - Deutsche Telekom | de3p

The 77 human needs system

Laura Gedatus
Laura Gedatus - Service Designer at Deloitte Digital

Prototyping & Testing