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This is a review of the 3-day Service Design Innovation course



  1. 它就像方形的西瓜,令商品身价暴涨200倍!
  2. 它就像迷你香猪,卖个萌就可以改变命运!
  3. 它让产品还没面世,就被万众期待!
  4. 它强调以用户为中心,密切关注用户体验,洞察客户需求!
  5. 它完美契合各行各业,尤为擅长解决复杂问题。
  6. 它是对各种元素的重新调配,是对旧有规则的重新制定。

Service design is a systematic methodology, which is user-centered and helps enterprises to re-examine their products, user experience, brand, process and business model from a global perspective, help enterprises to understand opportunities, improve customer experience and employee experience, and thus reduce operating costs throughout the process. Finally, it will help enterprises to rebuild their brand image, improve their competitiveness, drive the continuous growth of enterprise value, and break the growth limit.

  1. Why design "services"?
  2. It is like a square watermelon, so that the price of goods skyrocketed 200 times!
  3. It is like a mini pig, sell a cute can change the fate!
  4. It made the product so much anticipated before it even came out!
  5. It emphasizes on the user as the center, pay close attention to the user experience, insight into customer needs!
  6. It fits all walks of life perfectly and is particularly good at solving complex problems.
  7. It's a redeployment of elements, a reformulation of old rules.




I remember the most is the word "co-create", through this training, I feel the strength of our team is very strong;

Then in the course content, I understand that to serve well with the thinking of users, I will profoundly put this sentence into my actions.


I followed teacher Tracy through the "Fine Service Design" coaching trip for three consecutive days, which enabled me to have a more accurate understanding of the business model. I jumped out of the thinking of product advantages and assisted me to evaluate and coach projects from the perspective of customers, from the top structure to the methodology of the whole system operation.

原型设计讲解 Introduction to Prototype Design