About Ville Henriksson

Ville Henriksson
Helsinki | Finland


Ville Henriksson Nitor, Service designer

I’m a service & UX designer focused on improving customer experiences as well as organisations’ service operations and models, especially in the digital world. I also have a background in content strategy and marketing.

I see that good design, excellent customer experiences and profitable business builds upon profound understanding about customer needs and wishes. Thus my work always relies on customer research and collaborative design – whether I’m focusing on business operations, organisations, customer touchpoints or user interfaces. I have worked both in public and private sector, i.e. fields of education, retail, hospitality industry, banking and real estate management.

I love to learn new skills, explore different industries and work in multidisciplinary teams. 

One of the most inspiring part of my job as a designer is to utilise the gathered knowledge of my previous projects, different service structures and working methods with new challenges.

To me, service design means...

Finding the right problems that need to be solved and co-creating solutions for them with customers, service providers and developers using empathy and agile ways-of-working.

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