About Merita Lemmetty

Merita Lemmetty
Helsinki | Finland


Merita is passionate about... service design methodologies, service design thinking, user experience, digital service, accessibility and Customer Journey

Merita Lemmetty Nitor, Senior Designer

I am a curious designer of digital services and motivated by how my work can help people and companies to solve various problems and thereby improve their daily lives and the business. I am able to see the big picture, but I also have an explicit eye for detail.

My core experience lies in the design of digital services. I have designed services for several business sectors. For example, industry, payment and retail, energy industry, logistics – to name a few.

I believe the best results are achieved by putting the customer at the center and working in close cooperation with users, stakeholders and tech experts. To me, the most rewarding part of the design process is creating a shared understanding and vision.

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