About Liisa Benmergui

Liisa Benmergui
Helsinki | Finland


Liisa is passionate about... service design thinking, innovation, design education, design and culture, customer engagement, qualitative research, service concept and employee experience

Liisa Benmergui Nitor, Principal Service Designer

I am a strategic thinking service designer with a strong background in UX Design with a love for research. I see beauty in boxes and arrows and I find that paper, markers and (virtual) whiteboards are essential tools of my trade. Understanding for the "why?" before delving into anything I help create is essential. Analytical to a point and then I like to get my hands dirty with prototypes, mock ups and sparring with everyone from C-suite to product owners, designers and developers alike in order to get the best design possible.

To me, service design means...

Service design is a mindset and a way of approaching situations. Visualising and externalising the ideas, concepts and needs that people are struggling with. I love to use service design methods to work with people to figure out what the lies at the crux of their journeys and find where improvements could be made, why and how.

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