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Robin Robin Ye
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Robin Robin Ye

Hotel catering operations

Service aesthetics researcher

Founder of the Marlena Cigar Club

Currently, I am mainly engaged in the operation and management of the hotel and catering industry with rich industry experience. I have invested and operated several catering projects of different categories successively, and managed and consulted several international brand hotels on service improvement and management upgrade projects.

Meanwhile, I am also deeply involved in wine tasting, cigar tasting, Western food culture and social etiquette. I am the authorized promotion ambassador of PAVOL Winery in Paavo, Italy. And share it in the form of cigar clubs.

It is my philosophy of life to SHARE AND EXPLORE. Zhuang Zi also said, "There is a cliff in my life, but there is no cliff in my knowledge." It is very cool to explore more unknown things with limited life.

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