About Rikke B. E. Knutzen

Rikke B. E. Knutzen
Aalborg SOE | Denmark

Co-founder of sdn-dk & Business Developement Manager at MAN Diesel & Turbo in Denmark.

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When I experience a great service I always give my thanks to the people performing that service.

I love to fool around and make people have a great time! Energy, passion and a positive mindset are the foundation for creating a better world.

Rikke B. E. Knutzen
Design Thinker, Strategy Manager and Business Developer

Rikke B. E.’s interest in Service Design

I have a strong passion for using design thinking (and doing) to create better services in the private sector. I believe that the thinking and mindset behind service design has a lot to offer for improving organisations and creating a better world. Service design is for me as much a practical and hands-on discipline as a strategic one. It's the people-part of design thinking that gets me going!

Rikke B. E.’s contribution

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Event Design Thinking arrangementer i Aalborg - forår 2017

Design Thinking arrangementer i Aalborg - forår 2017

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