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Lilith Louise Lysgaard Hasbeck
Copenhagen NV | Denmark


Lilith Louise Lysgaard Hasbeck Coloplast, User Researcher / Service Designer
One of my favourite Danish saying is that 'we have many names for the things we love', and I find that to be true for service design, too. However, I pretty much only go by Lilith, Louise, or Lulu.

To me, service design means...

Through my time of both studying and practicing service design, I've come to understand that building design cases on a holistic understanding of people, relationships, and systems is the most important aspect of our discipline. I find its interdisciplinary nature and the combination of strategy, business, and creativity very inspiring. In my work as well as in my private life, I value leaving the familiar behind to explore new contexts and meet new people. At my current job I learn new things every time I venture out into the field, and constantly learning is an integral part of my inner motivation. I've also recently started working for the Danish chapter of SDN.

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