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Over the last three months the Canadian Chapter of the Service Design Network has been hard at work: (1) putting in place the necessary infrastructure to administer the chapter, particularly challenging given the geographic span of Canada; (2) promoting the chapter and supporting local events; and (3) planning our first major multi-city initiative. What follows is a detailed accounting of each of these areas.

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Latest Chapter Events

Chapter events

Radical Research Summit - Impacting UX Design & Business Strategy

Join 200+ researchers, ethnographers, designers, and thinkers from across the Pacific Northwest to discuss customer-centric product and service design research approaches, techniques and ideas.

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Chapter events

Atelier de Design de Service au cours du festival MURAL sur le boulevard Saint-Laurent

Joignez-vous à nous le 16 juin à 17h, beau temps mauvais temps, pour participer au premier Atelier de Design de Service annuel de LVL au cours du festival MURAL sur le boulevard Saint-Laurent.

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SDN Canada

SDN Canada
Canadian chapter of the SDN will assist in forging relationships across disciplines and industries. An important part of this work is in nurturing and mentoring up-and-coming designers. We also hope to broaden the reach of the organization in order to bring non-designers into the service design conversation.
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Great to have you here. Together, we can share knowledge and learnings, and further strengthen our growing discipline.

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