Official Chapter in Canada!

Over the last three months the Canadian Chapter of the Service Design Network has been hard at work: (1) putting in place the necessary infrastructure to administer the chapter, particularly challenging given the geographic span of Canada; (2) promoting the chapter and supporting local events; and (3) planning our first major multi-city initiative. What follows is a detailed accounting of each of these areas.

01. Strategic Approach

As noted in previous correspondence with representatives from SDN, we have a two-pronged strategy for growing the Chapter. This approach is designed to overcome the unique geographical challenges of Canada (i.e. accommodating the regional needs of urban centres that are located in 10 provinces and three territories across five time zones).  

(1)  Connect with industries and organizations that might not be familiar with service design, but would benefit greatly from the use of service design methods and tools.

  • Host intimate, or invite-only, events for senior executives at some of Canada largest brands, from a variety of verticals, including: Telecommunications, Financial Services, Pharmaceuticals and Retail.  Getting executives onboard will increase the likelihood that subordinates will soon follow
  • Host a series of smaller events for members of the public service (municipal, provincial, and federal government) who would benefit from the use of service design tools

(2)  Tap into adjacent communities that are already exploring design, and who might be good allies (e.g., urbanists, urban planners, and civic-minded citizens)

  • Host events that are specifically targeted at the blossoming community of urbanists and civic minded citizens across the country
  • Work with established organizations to leverage complementary networks of influence 
  •  Draw upon the passion and eagerness of students to help promote and demonstrate the benefits of service design in Canada


 02.   Establishing Chapter Infrastructure

In order to overcome the unique geographical challenges of community-building in Canada, we are working to establish regional committees in cities that will work in concert with the National Advisory Committee. We are excited to report that we have willing parties who are in the process of helping us establish regional committees in Vancouver, Montreal and Halifax, this is in addition to the active SDN community in Toronto.


03.  Highlights 

  • Have already received interest from representatives in Toronto, Vancouver, Halifax, and Montreal to set up regional committee to assist with membership development and to coordinate national events
  • A total of 22 people took part in the first initial planning meeting, the three-hour planning session generated over 60 event, content, and planning ideas that will be used to guide strategic decision-making of the chapter. 


Committee Members at the first official SDN Canada Advisory Committee meeting
Committee Members at the first official SDN Canada Advisory Committee meeting
Screen shot from the preliminary SDN Canada website
Screen shot from the preliminary SDN Canada website

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