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Onur Kocan
Jersey City | United States

Design Strategist, SDN Ambassador

Onur Kocan Studio Karun Inc., Design Strategist

Hi! I’m Onur, I am a researcher, entrepreneur, and award-winning design strategist with an anti-disciplinary approach to solving our most complex challenges. I use design to transform the way people think, live, and feel. My background has in industrial design, strategy, product, brand, and organizational management. Design thinking and human-centered design principles like empathy, creative confidence & embracing ambiguity are the basis for my work. Experienced strategic designer with a demonstrated history of working in the civic & social innovation industry. Skilled in nonprofit organizations and government. 

Currently, I work at the intersection of research, design, and policy. I'm implementing human-centered design methodologies to reimagine civic engagement. I attempt to bring people together to break down complex problems to co-create actionable solutions. 

Also, I have been managing Studio Karun for various industries, NGOs, start-ups, foundations, local governments, and national government-ranked projects.

If you want to discover my journey, please visit my website.


To me, service design means...

Service design from a social innovation perspective involves applying design principles and methodologies to address complex social challenges. It focuses on creating and improving services that have a positive impact on individuals, communities, and society as a whole. This approach emphasizes collaboration, user involvement, and a deep understanding of the social context to develop innovative solutions that meet the needs of diverse stakeholders. In essence, service design for social innovation aims to bring about positive change by designing services that contribute to the well-being and improvement of societal conditions.

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Pundit - Online Content Verification Service

Pundit - Online Content Verification Service

During the pandemic, humanity was exposed to a lot of misinformation that was spread across the masses. Pundit is an information verification service. Experts and professionals are the best sources to validate information using an evidence-based approach. Pundit verifies the information on social media platforms using the inputs given by experts and influencers. Pundit helps users save that time by collecting verified opinions from popular influencers in the chosen space.

#service #misinformation #internetliteracyOnur Kocan - Studio Karun Inc.

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