About Bradley Bergeron

Bradley Bergeron
Atlanta | United States


Bradley Bergeron Thrive, Director of Strategy & Innovation

Former theatre professional (production designer and actor) turned Strategist & Designer who intimately understands that the on-stage performance does not happen without backstage production support.  I have lived the metaphor and can confirm that every great production is built upon what happens backstage. I am passionate about improving the human experience and seized the opportunity to pivot my career when it became clear to me that I could continue to do much of what I loved, and was really great at, in service of a greater good. As a strategic design professional I can still deliver delightful and even entertaining "performances," but now I am able to deliver deeper and more lasting impact (hopefully) beyond the theatre. 

To me, service design means...

As a systems thinker and multi-disciplinary doer, I appreciate how service design seeks to unify and sense-make. Service Design for me is about systematically removing or minimizing "friction" all the while "better-ing" the human experience and moving ever closer to an unobtainable ideal.

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