About M.Sc. Ricardo Martins

Curitiba | Brazil

I am a deeply passionated about improving the way people attend their emotional and cognitive needs.

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I am also a design and marketing teacher at Federal University, member of International Institute of Information Design, Communication Research Institute, and also have Human Change Management Book of Knowledge Certification.

M.Sc. Ricardo’s interest in Service Design

My main interest on service design is related to implementation issues. According to some reports (IBM, Gartner Group, McKinsey, Forrester Research) 70% of change initiatives fail in organizations. The designers also face particular problems during the implementation process. Maybe because designers favor the planning stage and generation of ideas, but devote little energy in the execution process. My research is targeted to fill the gap between design idea and realizing its offerings.

M.Sc. Ricardo’s contribution

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Touchpoint Article

Increasing the Success of Service Design Implementation

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