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Molly Fuller
Hopkins | United States

I am a service designer and fashion designer focused and passionate around designs in healthcare.

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I became a Lyft driver just to understand the backend experience.

I designed digital tools, services and products in health care settings for the Mayo Clinic and Harken Health. I want to break through the barrier that clothing for a condition typically looks and feels 'medical'. Having a medical condition does not mean a person stops caring about style and quality, and we shouldn’t treat them as such. Everyone deserves style and quality, that is why I created Molly Fuller Design as new clothing brand of affordable, functional, and fashionable options for individuals with health conditions that require specially designed clothing, starting first with compression shirts for teens with autism.

Molly Fuller
Founder and Designer, Molly Fuller Design, Service Designer Blue Cross Blue Shield of MN

Molly’s interest in Service Design

I am interested in understanding and designing a service thinking through the full system. I geek out over great experiences and try to uncover what happened on the backend to enable that experience. I'm interested in learning new techniques and tools to uncover a need and love the synthesis process.

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