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Mathieu Arsenault
Charlottetown | Canada

Service Designer for the Government of Alberta's Digital Design and Delivery

Mathieu Arsenault Think Forward Solutions, Service Designer

???? About Me

As a Service Designer for the Government of Alberta's Digital Innovation Office, I am working with a dynamic team to transform public service delivery and enhance the lives of Alberta's citizens. My role is to help drive digital innovation and to embrace modern methodologies to create simpler, more efficient, and user-centric services.

???? My Role and Responsibilities

I collaborate closely with cross-functional teams, including GoA product owners and various ministries, to conduct comprehensive program reviews and lead digital transformation projects. My focus areas include:

- Integrating human-centered design methods into program reviews and digital transformation initiatives.

- Conducting in-depth analyses of users (citizens and staff), documenting outcomes to ensure efficiency for staff and accessibility for citizens.

- Exploring user and employee experiences across multiple channels, identifying gaps, and crafting strategic solutions.

- Engaging in user and behavioral field research, co-design workshops, prototype design and testing, and journey map and service blueprint development.

- Spearheading service prototyping, usability testing, performance measurement, analysis, and reporting.

- Developing comprehensive strategy and roadmap documents to depict the end-to-end service journey.

- Collaborating with program teams to co-design and deliver new processes and policies, focusing on effective change management.

???? Commitment to Innovation

As part of my job, I am dedicated to adapting service delivery to new user needs and technology developments. I want to make sure that the people of Alberta benefit greatly from the services I provide, which is why I strive to produce services that are not only effective and efficient but also affordable (less cost to citizens) and easily accessible.

To me, service design means...

The Why of Service Design is people and improving their lives in one way or another. The What of Service Design is a set of processes, principles and methodologies centered around design thinking, systems thinking, measurement and evaluation and collaboration. The How of Service is to create alignment using collaboration around users, their outcomes and the desired transformation. And then design thinking tools are the main method by which we explore how might we achieve those goals. And finally, the design, dev and delivery teams ensure that the appropriate solutions are implemented. And finally this is continuously evaluated in a continuous fashion.

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