About Ida Koho

Ida Koho
Helsinki | Finland


Ida Koho MBA Student/Product Manager

I'm an engineer of biotechnology and lately I have been working in Product Management of couple of different medical diagnostic products. I'm taking a year off from worklife and focusing on master's degree on Business Administration.

I have started my Masters thesis with constructive research approach and will create a "Service Desing Guide Book for Medical Device Product Managers". This will be an interesting journey as no one has written a book about the exactly same topic before. If this topic is close to your heart, don't hesitate dropping a mail.

To me, service design means...

Customer understanding can be a difficult topic. I love Service design process because even in the fuzzy front end it gives me confidence that this will work. I can just trust the process. Service design as a concept enables feeling of safety, confidence and creativity to me and my work. I especially love the concept of shitty first prototype.

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