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Sierre | Switzerland

Daniele is a swiss Service Designer who believes that helping others is the best hobby in the world.

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The first draft of anything is shit — Ernest Hemingway

Certain people consider my job as being a Service Designer, while others see it as being a Design Strategist. But more than the titles, what's important to me is the field of interest that defines my work, which is the intersection of: service innovation or service design; social design or social interaction; technology or tools; and swiss design or strategic design. I believe that helping others is the core of what I do. That's why you'll find me sharing my knowledge through articles, lectures and workshops or sharing tools to empower the creative community. Today I have the chance to lead the creative and service design direction in the Bern office of the Enigma Agency.

Daniele’s interest in Service Design

I love when Service Design brings simplicity in complex situations. When in those situation we can through so simple and tiny actions have a huge impact on how people feel about a company, a situation or a service. More than all the complex tools and methodologies, I like when Service Design goes down to earth with humility and simplicity. This focus on simple and mini service design is the subject of the articles I publish on service-design.co

Daniele’s contribution

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