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We asked leading practitioners giving talks and workshops at the Service Design Global Conference to answer the 3 key questions. Today we asked Linnea Vizard, a service designer at Bridgeable, to give us her take.

1) Can you explain what service design is? And how your company implements it / uses that field?

Service design is the practice of applying design approaches to improving service experiences. Bridgeable uses service design to go from insight to impact across the touchpoint layer, the experience layer and the service layer.

2) What do you believe is the greatest opportunity for your company using service design?

The greatest opportunity is to support our clients in providing human centred value for their stakeholders, employees and customers. Service design makes this possible, by considering the organizational context as well as the customer or user context. 

3) Can you share three tips for implementing service design in their own practice?

  1. Great service design is about understanding human behaviours and needs. Design research methods can support us in uncovering latent and explicit needs and desires, as well as observing and understanding behaviours.
  2. Look outside of service design to find complementary practices - what does customer experience bring to the table? What about behavioural economics? Service design is not a silver bullet, it is an approach that works in context with others.
  3. Focus on outcomes. Don't fall into the trap of fixating on language or process - the intent and outcomes are what matters. Buy in for 'service design' may or may not follow. 


Linnea is one of Canada’s leading advocates of service design. She is a designer based in Toronto, and is the co-founder and organizer of Service Design Toronto. She was also a member of the city service design team Designing Dublin – a forward-thinking citizen-driven civic service design project.

Read Linnea Vizard 's full biography here.

And find out more about her SDGC16 talk "We Are Here"  here.



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