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We asked leading practitioners giving talks and workshops at the Service Design Global Conference to answer the 3 key questions. Today we asked Esther van der Hoorn, a customer experience manager at Aegon, to give us her take.

Can you explain what service design is? And how your company implements it / uses that field?

To me service design is foremost a way of working; a modern method that increases collaboration, creativity, speed and innovation in a holistic and organic way.

2)    What do you believe is the greatest opportunity for your company using service design? 

The greatest opportunity for my company using service design is the helping role is has as the company is shifting to agile. My colleague Michel Jansen and I will share our experience with this in the workshop we host in de SDGC.

3)    Can you share three tips for implementing service design in their own practice? 

My three tips for implementing service design are:

1.      Find  a group of colleagues who are interested service design and start together with a challenging project

2.      Share your insights and knowledge in a community every colleague can find and use

3.      Most important: have fun using the creative methods service design has available


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Esther has been working on Aegon’s customer experience since 2007 as the customer experience manager. She’s currently working on Aegon’s customer communication strategy, customer journey management and directed customer research, among other things.

Read Esther 's full biography here.

And find out more about her SDGC16 workshop "Challenges and opportunities for service design in organisations shifting to agile"  here.

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