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We asked leading practitioners giving talks and workshops at the Service Design Global Conference to answer the 3 key questions. Today we asked Chris Ferguson, a service design and strategy consultant at Bridgeable, to give us his take.

1) Can you explain what service design is? And how your company implements it / uses that field?

Service Design is a discipline focused on understanding and delivering end to end customer experiences. 

2) What do you believe is the greatest opportunity for your company using service design? 

Providing greater impact for people, organizations and society.

3) Can you share three tips for implementing service design in their own practice? 

  1. Include a wide variety of internal and external stakeholders
  2. Apply co-design and prototyping to translate insight into impact 
  3. Create clear accountability and roles along with your implementation plan 
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Chris is a service design and strategy consultant working with some of North America’s largest and most innovative public and private sector organizations. His work with the team at Bridgeable has been honoured with numerous awards and he writes and presents regularly about the intersection between human-centered design and business strategy including four articles in Touchpoint and workshops at SDNGC (Breaking the Blueprint) and ServDes.


Read Chris 's full biography here. 

And find out more about his SDGC16 talk Rethinking Service Design  here.



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