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Good services aren't enough to excite people anymore. What happens when everybody around you does service design? Maybe you should brand your experience.

When everybody does service design
What’s the difference between a flight on two different airlines? Maybe the price? But outside of that you get a similar kind of meal or you have the same well made registration app- both have excellent service. As service designers, we often say, good service is what differentiates businesses. When more and more companies start to use service design, good service isn’t about  a competitive advantage anymore. It’s a basic. You then need to go back to the “traditional” way of making business pop out. Time to welcome back branding!
Hello branding
Robert Neal calls for a better integration of branding in the experience of a service. We shouldn't limit Branding to creating an exciting promise. We shouldn't limit it to keeping a consistent color scheme. Indeed, when you have branded pieces of service you are unique. Why? Because you can’t copy those branded elements. If someone tries to do so, it wouldn’t fit with their brand. What’s unique and particular is also something that brings excitement. This excitement helps customers to keep remembering what they lived within your service. When you experience good service in two different companies, the one that you might remember better is the one that has the advantage. The one that has a little bit more that makes it particular. This is what experience branding  wants to create.
Daniele Catalanotto
Daniele Catalanotto - Design Strategist

Daniele Catalanotto is a Service Designer working in a strategy and branding agency. He tries to implement service design thinking in the creation of new brands.

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