There are two types of Accredited Trainers:

  • Service Design Trainer

The Service Design Trainer teaches fundamental knowledge about service design in a professional and state-of-the-art approach.He or she provides theory, methodology and practical exercises within training/enabling sessions in order to give the participants a solid understanding of the “Why”, “What” and “How” of service design and provides inspiring hands-on experience in using service design methods and tools. He/she is fully familiar with the service design process and terminology along with the fundamental service design literature and is able to cross refer and recommend related to this knowledge. The Service Design Trainer is able to clearly articulate and contextualises the benefits of service design based on the client’s business or circumstance.

  • Service Design Master Trainer/Coach

The Service Design Master Trainer/Coach teaches fundamental skills in service design and additionally has practical service design experience, as well as having conducted a relevant set of service design projects in companies or organisations him-/herself.He/she is familiar with advanced service design literature and new research findings, as well as being familiar with a broad set of case studies from different areas, and he or she is able to cross refer to this body of knowledge.

The Service Design Master Trainer/Coach is familiar with the complexity of change processes that are initiated through service design. He/she knows how to identify relevant stakeholders within complex systems and how to design the service design process in order to drive it towards implementation. He/she has practical experience with controlling service quality after implementation. The participants in advanced training sessions offered by the Master Trainer/Coach are already familiar with the basic processes, methodologies and terminologies of service design. The participants shall learn how to design a professional service design project within an organisation and how to facilitate it. A Service Design Master Trainer/Coach is capable of supervising the participants in the course within their own approach to apply service design within organisations.