Mechelen | Belgium

One year specialisation in the design of spatial + service design | Design for Change

Space & Service Design is an emerging design discipline which aims at improving the experience of the users of (semi-) public spaces and services.
Research-led design and user-centred methodologies lead to the design of relevant services and service contexts (spaces, objects, furniture and communication tools) for society-oriented design challenges.

During this international transdisciplinary programme (60 ECTS) you will have the opportunity to participate in real-life design projects and co-design workshops for real clients, mainly non-profit and social enterprises. These projects will be supported by a sound set of practice-based subjects, lectures and tutorials in English.

Postgraduates in Space and Service Design develop, in an international class setting, their knowledge of user-centred experiences, research for design, service contexts and methodologies. The major goal is to create sustainable added value for clients and users of (semi-) public spaces and services.

The Postgraduate in Space and Service Design stimulates designers to be socially aware and proactive change agents in their design community.

"The collaboration with the students and teachers of Space & Service Design led to a fascinating design process, with a lot of educational exchanges between different actors, paying attention to the needs of socially vulnerable families and with a beautiful final result: the Playbike!" - Stéphanie Vandenbossche - Social Worker - Society Building Antwerp Province vzw

“Students who choose this field of study show a great social awareness and see architecture/interior as a service to the end user. To ar-te this is a key attitude: finding the right balance between sustainability, experience, programming, and TCO is our constant challenge.” Jo Van Hees, Sr Interior Architect at ar-te (

"Students in Space & Service Design do more than just listen to your infrastructure needs. They immerse themselves in the life for the various actors. In addition, they challenge you as a customer to look through their eyes too, giving you a new perspective on possibilities. Very enriching! " Astrid Gepts , Director Elderly Care Environment De Lisdodde, Mechelen

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