Oslo | Norway

The Design programme adopts a broad approach to design that emphasizes the relevance and importance of design within contemporary society.

The two-year international master’s degree allow students to choose between specialisation in service design, interaction design or industrial design. The programme offers room for students to choose their own approach to the design field and develop their own unique identities as designers.

Service Design at AHO
Service design at AHO builds on and integrates various design fields, such as industrial, systems thinking and interaction design. Through the service design courses at AHO, the students develop general knowledge, project experience and specialised skills that are relevant not only for service design as it is today, but also for its future development. This includes methods relating to mapping, planning, communicating and designing for the intangible nature of services. An AHO Service Design graduate should be able to balance the experiential with the functional, and have an eye for detail within a holistic view of the overall experience. This demands strategic design acumen and an understanding of the consequences of front stage change on backstage infrastructure and procedure. It requires an understanding of user needs and experience whilst still being able to design for brand-relevant services offering responses to customer needs. It demands strategic, analytical and systemic thinking whilst still being able to deliver ‘delight’ in the final design solutions.

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